Thursday, September 22, 2011

transmission interuption

Hello, my life is not very blog friendly at the moment. I am full of things that do not make for nice writing or picture taking so I'm putting 'le blog' on the 'for later' pile and hoping I will see you again soon, life is like that.

Take care



Thursday, September 1, 2011

It's must be Spring

Because Ada want's to know why the Pigeons keep 'fighting' in the front yard, I have a house full of Daffodils and I can't mow my lawn because Fresias have popped up all over the place. Also, there appears to be some frisky Possums having a honeymoon in our roof.

Mr Fortune is on holidays at the moment, it's so nice to have him home and just hanging out. The problem with holidaying at home is the ease with which domestic and familial obligations manage to take up more and more of your free time until you end up with not much of a holiday and a whole bunch of stuff that 'just has to be done'. Last week we sat down with a bottle of wine and wrote down a list of what we wanted to do, then we wrote down what we had to do and finally what other people wanted us to do. By the time we were finished we ended up with no free days and a time deficit of about three weeks......some times it pays NOT to plan things.

So, after some shuffling, cancelling and 're-prioritising' we came up with a new list with a whole lot from list A, a few jobs from list B and basically we are ignoring list C altogether in favour of more from list for me.

So far we have spent a few days at the beach, gone on a date (first time out together in 2 years)! Slept in, started Freddy in Childcare one day a week, had my hair cut, had a long lunch with a bunch of family over from Perth, watched the first 4 seasons of Time Team (my favourite show in the universe), eaten vast amounts of cheese, drank many bottles of wine and managed to keep the obligation monkeys at bay, so far so good.