Sunday, October 2, 2011

thrifty finds

 Vintage habby finds, I love the paper and raffia netting flowers.

 Mosiac dishes, the one on the left is my favourite.

Pennsylvania plate for the plate wall. 

Candy apple red ukelele (I'm secretly hoping to learn to play this).

Just a bit of thrifty eye candy for a lazy Sunday afternoon. I'm just starting to catch up on things and have been enjoying a super relaxing Sunday so I thought I would take some time out from my slothernly state to share a few recent finds with you.
My motivation is sloooooowly creeping back after a rough few weeks and with a bit of sleep under my belt and a regular day to myself once a week you should be hearing more from me soon. 

Until next time thrifty peeps, pop over and say hi to Sophie at Her Library Adventures (I hear she's been hitting the New York flea markets).


  1. Love the dishes. One on left my fave too! Wanna catch up soon?

  2. I agree the dish on the left is gorgeous! Love the vases too. Great pics, thanks for sharing. Sherry :)

  3. Yay! So nice to see you back Estelle.
    I really like both mosaic dishes, but the one on the left is my fave too.
    Looking forward to more posts o.k. x

  4. Glad you are back!! Lovely pics as always. We have a little red uke, and sometimes I play it for my small person (i cant play, I just strum it like a maniac) and she cheers and claps and thinks that I am the best! Ha ha, I love it!

  5. Woah! Those mosaic plates are amazing!

    ps. I found you via Instagram and I am having so much fun looking around your blog! Lovely photos and much hilarity too :)

  6. Hi miss estelle, Where are you my lady? I have been searching your blog for an email so that I can say hello and see if you are ok - i'm sure your fine. I miss having you around! Bec x

  7. Wonder if you ever check back here Estelle?
    I've been thinking about you for ages, I hope you're okay...
    Lyndel made a surprise return to her blog today (I had been wondering about her too...) which prompted me to try and get in touch with you.
    I used to love your posts and gorgeous pics.
    Thinking of you, Kylie x