Sunday, June 26, 2011

flea market finds

Not a big haul, but some sweet finds non the less. Vintage Hankies, unused or so I'm told  *crosses fingers*, turquoise gingham and resin letter holder. Vintage glasses, cats-eyes and some other ones that a hipster kid might like and the best for last........Killer mauve, pink, red and orange Italian suede heels from the 60's in size 7. My friends Mum used to own a closed toe version of these. I remember raiding her mum's closets for dress ups, it was all kaftans, wrap around skirts, maxi dresses...and these killer heels!

Playing along with Her Library Adventures and Apron thrift Girl

Don't forget to enter the Super Sized Patchwork Giveaway, only a couple of weeks to go!


  1. ooh hello, ive just found you and i think i'll stick around!

    super specks, impressive

    xo em

  2. I love the new look - great arrangement with the photos of your new goodies xo

  3. Great finds and I love the lay out and your 'tape' on the pictures. How fabulous are those shoes?!

  4. I saw those shoes on Sunday! Score indeed.

  5. I love those shoes, my internet died as was bidding on some fab 60s platforms and missed out, and I made the start of 4 weddings and a funeral sound like a childrens film compared to my colourful language. I have been looking for years but never find shoes to fit my man feet.