Saturday, June 25, 2011

sweat shop, both ways

I feel a bit like I'm writing this from the trenches, under fire and in miserable conditions. My evenings have been spent madly sewing these super fat, woolly blanket cushions ready for my stall at Camberwell market on Sunday while my days have been taken up with the care of the ill and the amusement of the young. The husbandido has been working from home because he is 'sick'. He is actually rather ill and that in it's self is not a problem, the 'problem' is the 'working from home' bit. I've just spent the better part of a week running interference between a couple of little kids and a sick Dad constantly on a 'conference call'. On a high note, the C 'freaking' O of the hubby's company is now keenly aware that our three year old 'is his bestest friend' and he is personally invited to her four birthday parties, but he has to bring her a present. Balancing home and work life has always been hard, balancing them in the same room is confirmably impossible.

Come and visit me at the market tomorrow if your in the area, I'm in stall 250, you can get a site map from the market homepage here.  It would be lovely to see some peeps, let me know your a blog buddy and I'll be sure to give you a discount!


  1. Ohh, poor you. Conference calls and being sick, my hubby can relate to that! Urghhh.
    I hope your stall goes well on Sunday. Those fat cushions look gorgeous.
    Anne xx

  2. oh, E. hope you have a great Sunday, and it stays as sunny as Camberwell is this morning. Unfortunately, I'll be over the other side of the City... North Melbourne Vintage and Craft Market, selling my wares♥

  3. Thanks for the sympathy Anne :)

    Lydel, we are but two ships in the

  4. Those cushions are really groovy x

  5. they are awesome. hope your sickies are better


  6. You have a 'husbandido' too?! Hope the stall went well.