Tuesday, June 14, 2011


It was was a cold and misty start to Camberwell market on Sunday but despite the chill and fog it was buzzing  with life. By late morning the heavy fog had lifted and the sun peeped it's head out from the clouds for a brief moment, long enough to snap some pictures and warm my cheeks. Lot's of vintage clothes and shoes were on offer this week thanks to a large and generous donation from my dear Friend Taia, (who's collection of vintage dresses and shoes is to be revered). A snappy young fossicker was kind enough to model her nail polish which matched perfectly to the pompom on one of the babies beanies I had for sale. A super funny 2lt Hooters drink bottle (that's for ONE person) got loads of attention, but unfortunately no one took it home.

Lot's of treasure found it's way into other peoples hands and I've made a bit of room to go hunting for more AND filled up my pockets while I was at it! Quite a good day in all.

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