Sunday, July 3, 2011

flea market finds

I'm not a fan of busy Sundays. I always feel cheated if I finish the week in a flap and there's nothing I hate more than a list full of 'shit to do's' with none of those mothers ticked off! So, since it's 9 o'clock at night on a Sunday, and I'm only just sitting down to write this now instead downing a glass of wine and watching my 'stories' on the laptop in the bath, you would be correct in assuming that I've had a fairly craptacular day.

I was going to start this post with something like' I don't like to whinge' and follow it up with something about not wanting to complain on my blog and how there are people out there who have it so much harder than I do, but bugger that! My day has been shit.  The kids have driven me to the point of insanity, Freddy has been possessed by bogans, Ada got carried away playing house and accidentally peed in a box and then 'someone' gave them a box of crayons while I was out at the market, and then promptly left them unsupervised while they coloured in the seats of my two remaining Spade back dinning chairs, Feck! 

It's not like any of this is out of the ordinary. I have a fairly 'creative' household and these sorts of things happen regularly, it's just that Sundays are the kind of days you always have such high hopes for and in this house at least, they rarely seem to work out.

At least I've manage to get this post written, not a complete loss then.

Flea market finds from left to right, top to bottom are, hand sculpted, earthenware kitties (possibly by Ellis), Murano-ish glass ashtrays, pair of small copper and enamel plates, large copper and enamel plate.

Most of these finds came from the one little Oppy in Clayton, it's hard as hell to get parking and the bounty is often hit and miss, but last week it was all hits.

for more Flea Market Finds pop over to see Sophie at  Her Library Adventures and Apron Thrift Girl.

Don't forget tomorrow is Mantelpiece Monday (or bookshelf, dressing table etc.) to play along just pretty your display up, take a picture and add it to the link. 

* fingers crossed for a bit of sunlight.


  1. I know only too well what you mean - sundays suck when there's still STUFF that has to be done. leaving school uniform washing til, then flapping about getting it dried, is one of my downers. I'm my own worst enemy - this, being a "creative" household too, means basically me not being organised enough. Still, I mostly prefer it that way to being a plastic soccermom-type;)

    great market finds - how much can you offset finding those gems against getting home to 2 ruined chairs??? x

  2. Oh dear, sorry you had a bad weekend - hope the whingeing helped!

  3. oh no! big Hug, you sound like you need it.
    Love the kitties... maybe they are Gus McLaren? or by his wife... I'm off to work now, no time to check, but will look into it this afternoon for you, AFTER I dust and photograph the mantle!!!!!!

  4. Don't worry, in the 21st century blogs are far more efficient for whinging than partners are! Next week make them do larger creative projects like build something in the garden-use up all their energy at the same time. I think you owe yourself an extended weekend and have that wine and bath on Monday instead and start the week as you mean to go on!

  5. Those kitties are cuties!! Glad yesterday is over and now it's today. Hopefully today is better. Though throw in starting to get sick wouldn't have helped with 'today'. Or yesterday. Wow - my tenses, Back to the Future. Hope things get better. Hope you're better by Thursday! Zig has had gastro...

  6. All of those colors are amazing! I am really digging those kitties... never seen anything quite like them!