Monday, July 11, 2011

Mantelpiece Monday

This ones from the vault.....

I had actually prepared this weeks mantelpiece day's ago on account of the fact that flowers above a gas space heater don't tend to fare so well, (who knew?) BUT.......Melbourne has been doing what Melbourne does best (grey, endless grey) and there has been not a sceric of sun to take a picture. Throw in dinner parties, markets and house guests and, well you get the picture (or not). So, with a list of excuses as long as my arm to set the scene I bring you this weeks mantel, I like to call it 'around the world in 5 pieces of pottery'. 

From left to right - West German vase, Italian Bitossi candle stick, Unknown Australian vase, Japanese Urn and Danish/Dansk mustard pot. This picture must be at least a year old because the only time my mantel get's that much light is in the dead of winter. Got a mantel (or mantel substitute) you want to show off? Take a pic and add you link!

On a side note the Fortune Favours Great Patchwork Giveaway is closing this wednesday so if you haven't already entered and you would like the opportunity to make an amazing quilt then pop over here to leave a comment.


  1. My fave's perfect!

  2. Loving the blues in the pottery! I did my mantle the other day, actually! Here's the link:

  3. The sheen on the pottery is beautiful, I just found a magpie feather in the street which has exactly the same colours.