Sunday, July 10, 2011

flea market finds

pyrex apple cup

little red clogs

tapestry pin cushion

retro wastepaper bin

wee pig plaque

Lot's of cute little things this week mostly from the local St Vinnies. The Pyrex apple cup is definitely a favourite and the waste paper basket matches some curtain fabric I've had sitting in my suitcases full of market goodies for ages so I'm hoping to try and flog them together. The pin cushion and clogs are destined for Ada's room, you can never have too many red clogs and the cushion will make a sweet addition to her dolls house. Lastly, the sweet little fishing pig will surely find a nice home in someone bedroom, he's off to market because that's what little pigs do.

Speaking of markets, Camberwell was freakishly cold this morning. I managed to coax one of my 'Besties' to come along and play shop assistant and keep me company but I have a feeling the 5.30am start and the freezing cold will probably mean any further invitations will be politely declined until either the weather warms up or I buy her some ski gear.

What's everybody else been up too this chilly weekend?

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  1. chilly you're saying? ahem. ;)))
    actually quite intrigued by the sofa the cushion is resting in!

  2. oh estelle, tooooooo cold for market for me too, I so understand your friend.♥
    like woolfie, I want to know about the little sofa? it is cast Iron?

  3. That apple cup is just too cute! And it is FREEZING at the moment, especially as we are without heating and part of a roof!

  4. Loving the mini sofa/cushion combo, that must be one stylish dolls house!

  5. oh my gosh, that cup. im lusting. serious lust, like the kind i have for John Mayer or a young Bob Dylan.

    :) xo em

  6. Woolfie, the little cast iron sofa was part of a set that I found at the market last year. I don't think it's very old, just cute (there's also a chair).

    Nat, Apple cup was a total WIN!

    Beetlejuice ;p I prefer a young Tom Waits to a young Bob Dylan, but if I had to lust after the cup or a current day Bob or Tom, then the cup would win HANDS DOWN!


  7. all lovely (as is ALWAYS the case with you Estelle!)
    speaking of clogs (well, we're not but you know what I mean...) you should see the wonderful windmill/lamp/music box I bought yesterday! I know you will love it. I'll show soon x

  8. It was lovely to meet you today. Thanks so much for the little boy print, it's so cute.
    Hope you got home to a cosy warm house.

  9. Sweet sweet finds, I really like them all, especially the bin, it's groovy.

  10. On this side of the ocean we are in a melt down heat wave. I think it rained boiling drops earlier today. for sure it did not cool down. I swear I hear sizzles on the walk path.

    That little piggie will be someone's favorite for sure.
    Our local thrift shop just took in someone's pig collection and it is so much fun to look at.

  11. Oh I am swooning over the Pyrex mug!! I have never seen it before!! oh so lovely!!

    The Joyful Thrifter

  12. Oooh I've never seen the apple pyrex before either! So cute and charming! you should really consider joining Pyrex Collective II and share this, I'm sure other Pyrex Lovers will be so excited.

  13. That cute apple mug drew me in straight away but I adore that little pig plaque too-great finds!