Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Colour Play, Olive & Bronze

A bit of  colour therapy on this very grey Melbourne day. I enjoyed doing this post last week so I'm back with some more colour themed pic's and it's all about olive and bronze. Mostly little bits plundered from my own treasure, some velvet, a piece of old mirror and a bunch of magnolia leaves that should have been thrown out decades ago. The button was one of my Oma Ella's and used to reside in her collection of treasure, she passed away this April and I inherited some very special things from her. The large brass bangle was my mum's, she used to wear it with this amazing fitted, indigo velvet, maxi dress in the 70's, she used to look very glamorous and a bit witchy. The other bangle was a recent score and is getting a lot of wear at the moment. I have bakers hands with broad flat palms so finding a bangle that fits always comes as a surprise.

Funny, but when I was preparing to take these photos, I was running around the house looking for things that were the right colour, just trying to get a collection of things together that would photograph well. It's not until I started trying to write about them that I actually started to think about how they made me feel. Accidental reminiscing  has left me feeling a bit melancholy. It's a bit early for wine but I might have to crank the music and indulge myself for the rest of the afternoon.


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  1. I hope you've hit the wine by now - I have. I can imagine those things are very special for you. Funny how we lead ourselves on little trajectories and once we get there realise what we've done. How nice you have such lovely memories. Your Mum sounds cool. I bet she'd be proud of what a wonderful mother you are. And olive and bronze - tres elegant. xxx