Monday, August 8, 2011

Mantelpiece Monday, Enamelled

Hi, I'm back, sorry for the blog silence. I've been sick, along with everyone else in my house. First with a stomach bug and then a cold. Last weekends birthday party turned out to be more of a Petri dish than usual with about half our guest coming down with colds and gastro, I feel horrendously guilty for making everyone sick and have been hiding out since to avoid a lynching. So with illness behind me and a whole bag of stuff to show you and talk about, this week will see a bit more action in Blogland. Let's kick it off with a bit of show and tell shall we?

Today's mantelpiece is all about one of my favourite things to collect, enamelled copper plates. I hunt for these things almost exclusively these days. I have visions of dozens of them all sitting prettily atop the beautifully warm red surface of a long teak side board, light by single angled spotlight so that all the crazing and imperfections on the glaze sparkle....bliss.

Enamelling a a fairly simple process and quite easy to do at home when you have the right equipment. I've been looking at purchasing a small enamelling kiln so I can have a go making some things myself. The kiln it's self is totally affordable, it's the price of copper that makes me hesitate. I need to get my hands on the inside of a hot water cylinder, that would solve a few problems.

Done something new to your mantel or display? Got something you want to show off? Take a pic and leave your link so we can all have a peek!


  1. We are all crook here too...I feel like something scraped off the bottom of a petri dish right now...whinge whinge sniff sniff
    I really like your enamel ware Estelle, especially that bluey jadey green plate on the right.

  2. ooohwee they are very pretty....i like! thanks for sharing (but not the germs, please!).
    i actually did a big tidy up of my (only) mantel over a week ago inspired by the prospect of sharing on your M.M but still havent taken a photo of it yet! will attempt to get on the job nowish if the small children of the house let me...

  3. Nice! Glad to see you're feeling better :)

  4. I remember doing some enamelling in metalwork in year 7. Those dishes take me back!

  5. wow those dishes look great grouped together like that. I added a link to my mantlepiece but I don't know what happened to my selected photo?

  6. Thanks Lyndel, don't worry sometimes the pics take a little time to load.
    Curly, I made them in Jewellery at high school as well, I'm looking forward to having another go.
    Thanks for the well wishes Kylie and Nat.
    Daisy, it would be ace if you could play this week, I love seeing your stuff.