Monday, August 22, 2011

Mantelpiece Monday


This baby is pretty much a straight up homage to clutter; a "look at how much pretty shit I can cram on a mantelpiece" piece. I look at this mantel and I think 'Aww - pretty' and then my nose starts itching from all the dust and I get over it.

Have you crammed a heap of shit on your mantelpiece? Take a picture and leave your link, let's spread some of that clutter dust around.


  1. i like this one. this is how my mantlepeice would look if I had one... bec x

  2. nothing shitty about this mantle Estelle.

  3. you can tell you've had fun compiling this one! btw the short turquoise stripey one doesn't have 2 fishes stamped on the base does it? looks similar to one I'm supposed to be identifying for my mum. x

  4. Awesome. Today I am particularly loving the cigar smoking shell dude. I have cleared ALL my clutter as we're trying to sell the house. So now my mantelpiece has only classy yet dull candles on it.

  5. Very pretty.
    Lots of great textures.

  6. Bec, you can pick up second hand mantelpieces from ebay, you should just buy one and lean it against a wall :)
    Thanks Kylie, your officially the nicest, most prolific commenter in blogland (besides Curlypop's.
    Traqshsparkle, no fish just Syhla 166 stamped. It's one of two canisters I have (sans corks)
    Lakota, at least you'll be sorted if you have a black out :)